Saturday, March 22, 2008

Giving Angelina The "Very Pink Heart" Pendant

Well it took me longer than I thought to finish Angie’s ‘Very Pink Heart’ pendant. I didn’t realize when I chose the white beads, just how small the holes were. I had to really cull the beads and find ones with holes that were large enough to make more than one thread pass. But, I finally finished her necklace the day before her birthday.

The expression on her face was priceless when she unwrapped her necklace. Her eyes widen, her mouth opened forming a big “oh”. Then she carefully pulled her necklace out of the box and held it up. A beautiful smile emerged across her face. She began to jump up and down as he handed me her ‘Very Pink Heart’ pendant and cried, “On, on, please.”

I put the pendant on her and she ran to the mirror in her bedroom. She must have stood there for at least 5 minutes preening and admiring herself wearing her necklace. As she stood in front of the mirror I bent down and told her, “Mother made this heart for you so that you would always know just how very much I love you.” Then I gave her a big hug and we went back into the living room to open the rest of her presents.

The next day Angelina insisted on wearing her 'Very Pink Heart' pendant to school. It was reported to me by her teacher that both friends and faculty all day long were telling Angie how much they liked her necklace and how pretty she looked wearing it. The principal of the school came into Angelina’s classroom for a visit. She noticed Angie’s necklace. Her teacher explained to the principal that the necklace was made by Angie’s mommy and it was given to Angie for her birthday.

The principal said to Angie, “Your look very pretty wearing your birthday necklace. But, maybe you should take it off and give it to your teacher for safe keeping until the end of the day. We wouldn’t want you to break it or lose it.”

Angelina looked at her as she laid her hand on the beaded heart and said, “No, this is Mothers love.” The principal and teacher both smiled at her. There was no more mention of Angelina taking of her necklace. So, I believe, Angelina does understand what I was trying to convey to her when I gave her the 'Very Pink Heart' pendant.

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Sunday, March 16, 2008

Angelina's Very "Pink" Heart

On March 20th my daughter, Angelina, will be 10 yrs. old. Hard to believe how fast the time has flown. She is such a terrific kid. Last year, for her 9th birthday, I made her a little daisy flower bracelet. She loved it and still wears it a lot. So this year, for the big number 10 I wanted to make her something really special, something that would show her just how much I love her.

Angelina loves pink. To say that it is her favorite color would be an understatement. The “Barbie” doll has nothing on this girl when it comes to the color pink. So I went to my beads stash and pick out the most outrageously pinky pink beads I have. Now I just needed to figure out what I was going to make her.

So I went to my computer, opened up my beadesigner program and inspiration hit. I decided to make her a heart shaped pendant necklace. I chose my graph, and colors, pink and white, and then created the heart design that would, when beaded, become the pendant.

I am not quite finished with her necklace but am confident it will be done by her birthday. The necklace is coming along nicely. It is turning out even better than I had imagined it to be. If luck is with me I will be able to finish it today. If not, then I will have it done no later than tomorrow. I will post a picture of the pendant when it is finished.

My sweet little Angie has autism. And even though she does very well in school and is verbal, I am not always sure how much of life she comprehends. My hope is that when she opens her “very pink heart pendant”, she will understand just how much I love her and how very proud of her I am.

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Saturday, March 8, 2008

Free Beading Programs

When I started to get the hang of the different bead weaving stitches, I decided that I wanted to try to design and create my own patterns instead of beading and re-creating someone else’s designs. I went to some sites that offered free graph paper for the different bead weaving stitches. I printed up the graph paper, purchased a set of colored pencils and began filling in the little squares with my own design ideas.

This method of designing works, but is rather time consuming. If I made a mistake or simply didn’t like my color choice, I would end up starting the design over. For some reason colored pencil marks do not erase easily or cleanly. I knew that there had to be a more efficient way of graphing my own bead weaving stitch designs.

So with this in mind, I took my search once again to the internet. I typed ‘free bead pattern software’ into the ‘google’ search engine. Since I was still fairly new to beading and designing bead weaving stitch graph patterns, I wasn’t, as yet, ready to pay for any expensive bead pattern design software. I found 3 free programs. Easy Bead Patterns, and Beadesigner.

Easy Bead Pattern is a free program. The particulars regarding the program can be obtained at this website;
A copy of the program can be downloaded from the site as well.

At bead patterns can be designed directly from the website. The pattern designer is not downloadable to a personal computer. However, patterns that are created are printable, but as far as I know, not savable to a personal computer. The website is:

Beadesigner is a program created by Leah Kramer. Leah offers this program free from her website is;
And, this is the program that I downloaded and still use to design graph patterns for bead weaving stitches. With Beadesigner I can design graph patterns for loom/square, peyote, 2 drop peyote, brick, and commanche bead weaving stitches. I can also choose to design with the traditional square graph spaces or choose circular graph spaces. After I choose my graph, I use the color palette to select the color that I want to use in my design. I can even create custom colors. When I am finished with my pattern, I save it as a ‘bitmap’ image and then close the program. I reopen the saved “image” using ‘Paint.’ Then, from ‘Paint’, I can print up my pattern. (I have also used this program to create and print cross stitch patterns for my daughter, Charlotte.)

Beadesigner is an older software application. It is at times a little glitchy. I do have to refresh my graphs, when designing every now and then. I also save my work often when designing a new pattern. It does not have any drawing tools for free style designing. I have been doing some limited free style pattern designing in using ‘PowerPoint’ but I would like to have all my designs located in one program. This is one of the reasons why I am looking to purchase a professional bead pattern design software program. The other reason is that a professional software program will give my designs a more sophisticated, polished, finished look to them.

I did actually purchase Bead Creator (a professional pattern design program), a while back ago but that is another post entirely.

Currently, I am researching professional pattern design software programs. But, I must say, that I have been very grateful for my free copy of ‘Beadesigner.’ I have created some truly lovely patterns with it. And, I have no plans of deleting the program once I choose which commercial program that I want to purchase. I am sure I will still have occasions to use ‘Beadesigner.'

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Friday, March 7, 2008

Welcome Ladies

Welcome to my Beading Party!!!! My name is Brenda. I have 3 of my most favorite things just waiting for you on the side board. There are Margarita's ready for you to drink. There is a box of Chocolates with your name on them for you to eat. And there are Beads so that you can create a beautiful, fabulous bracelet and/or necklace to wear. So lets sit back relax and get to know one another.
Let the bead times roll!!!

Sunday, March 2, 2008

List Of Some Of My Favorite Bead-Related Websites.

If you are intested in learning how to bead or know how to bead and just need some inspiration, here is a list of some of my favorite beading-related websites.

1. About Beadwork: This is a great website. If is chock full of free tutorials, instructions and patterns. This was one of the principle websites I used, and still used, when I was teaching myself how to bead weave.

2. About Beadwork Forum: Membership into this forum is open to anyone. The beaders who are members of this group are kind, positive, uplifting and always willing to help. It is also a great place to show off the beadwork that you have created and to be able to gain some valuable feedback.

3. Ruby’s Beadwork: Ruby Fischer is an amazing and wonderful beader. On her website you will find many free tutorials that she has created and generously shares free of charge. She loves to hear from people who have created something using one of her tutorial. And if you have any problems creating one of her designs, she provides her email address so that you can email her for help. She is always pleasant and responds back very quickly. She also has a link to her picturetrail site where you can view her beautiful beaded eye candy.

4. Alexis (beader from Germany): Alexis is another very talented beader. Her website offers a variety of free tutorials and instructions. If you have problems with creating one of her designs, just send her and e-mail and she will do what she can to help you.

5. Maria Oldring (beader from Russia): A very talented beader from Russia. Her website also offers free tutorials.

6. Sova Enterprizes: This site is owned by Rita Sova and her husband. They sell a variety of bead patterns designed by various artists. They also have many free patterns available too.

7. Shipwreck Beads: Their physical location is in Lacey, Washington…approximately 30 miles from my home town of Tacoma, Washington. The actual store is huge. It is literally a giant beading warehouse. Their website is pretty awesome too. The store and the website really have all of your beading needs. The website also has a gallery which features beadwork designed and created by various different beaders. I have a bracelet and a necklace in their gallery.

8. Firemountain Gems: Another great website for purchasing all your beading and jewelry-related materials. They also have tutorials. And unlike many beadstores, you can get a free printed catalog of their merchandise sent to you through the postal mail. They update their catalog about twice a year and the updates are also sent to you free. They also offer tips and tutorials on their website.

9. Aunt Molly's Bead Street: Owned by beader artist Mary Tafoya. This site has free patterns and links to her other websites and gallery of her beadwork.

10. Art Attacks and Strokes: Owned by Chadd Pitts. He sells his own handcrafted, beautiful blown glass work and beads.

11. Bead Between The lines: Owned by me, Brenda Federighi. I sell beautiful bead-woven jewelry that I have designed and created. I am currently busy designing and creating bracelets that will soon be ready and posted for sale. I also have pictures of some of the beadwork that I have made and kept over the years.
So stop by my website and have a look around. You just might find something that you like, or something that inspires you.