Sunday, March 2, 2008

List Of Some Of My Favorite Bead-Related Websites.

If you are intested in learning how to bead or know how to bead and just need some inspiration, here is a list of some of my favorite beading-related websites.

1. About Beadwork: This is a great website. If is chock full of free tutorials, instructions and patterns. This was one of the principle websites I used, and still used, when I was teaching myself how to bead weave.

2. About Beadwork Forum: Membership into this forum is open to anyone. The beaders who are members of this group are kind, positive, uplifting and always willing to help. It is also a great place to show off the beadwork that you have created and to be able to gain some valuable feedback.

3. Ruby’s Beadwork: Ruby Fischer is an amazing and wonderful beader. On her website you will find many free tutorials that she has created and generously shares free of charge. She loves to hear from people who have created something using one of her tutorial. And if you have any problems creating one of her designs, she provides her email address so that you can email her for help. She is always pleasant and responds back very quickly. She also has a link to her picturetrail site where you can view her beautiful beaded eye candy.

4. Alexis (beader from Germany): Alexis is another very talented beader. Her website offers a variety of free tutorials and instructions. If you have problems with creating one of her designs, just send her and e-mail and she will do what she can to help you.

5. Maria Oldring (beader from Russia): A very talented beader from Russia. Her website also offers free tutorials.

6. Sova Enterprizes: This site is owned by Rita Sova and her husband. They sell a variety of bead patterns designed by various artists. They also have many free patterns available too.

7. Shipwreck Beads: Their physical location is in Lacey, Washington…approximately 30 miles from my home town of Tacoma, Washington. The actual store is huge. It is literally a giant beading warehouse. Their website is pretty awesome too. The store and the website really have all of your beading needs. The website also has a gallery which features beadwork designed and created by various different beaders. I have a bracelet and a necklace in their gallery.

8. Firemountain Gems: Another great website for purchasing all your beading and jewelry-related materials. They also have tutorials. And unlike many beadstores, you can get a free printed catalog of their merchandise sent to you through the postal mail. They update their catalog about twice a year and the updates are also sent to you free. They also offer tips and tutorials on their website.

9. Aunt Molly's Bead Street: Owned by beader artist Mary Tafoya. This site has free patterns and links to her other websites and gallery of her beadwork.

10. Art Attacks and Strokes: Owned by Chadd Pitts. He sells his own handcrafted, beautiful blown glass work and beads.

11. Bead Between The lines: Owned by me, Brenda Federighi. I sell beautiful bead-woven jewelry that I have designed and created. I am currently busy designing and creating bracelets that will soon be ready and posted for sale. I also have pictures of some of the beadwork that I have made and kept over the years.
So stop by my website and have a look around. You just might find something that you like, or something that inspires you.


Anonymous said...

Hope your daughter is feeling better! Thanks for the beading links...

Lesley said...

Thanks for all the links. I used to get the catalog from the Firemountain gems and loved it.