Friday, July 17, 2009

Murphy's Law

Today I’ve been having one of those frustrating “Murphy’s Law” beading days. I don’t have beading days like that very often but when I do, the saying is true, “What can go wrong will go wrong!” I had an idea for a new necklace projects. I made a rough sketch on paper of what I wanted the necklace to look like. However, transferring my beaded vision into beaded reality was a different matter all together.

As I am beading, the thread tangles up into a knot. I hate having to tie off and add a new thread when I have just started a project. I had added only 7 beads. So, I patiently picked at the thread, with out causing it to fray. After about 10 minutes I was able to untangle the thread and start beading again. I added a few more beads and the thread tangled again. So I went through the detangling process again. And this pattern kept repeating itself over and over again, add a few beads, detangle the thread. I spent more time detangling thread than beading. AAARGUG!!!! I decided to set the project aside for a while, get my frustration under control, and then later on, continue where I left off beading.

After washing the dishes (no I do not have a dishwasher), cleaning the bathroom, reading to and playing with Angelina for a while, I was ready to bead again. I picked up my beads, but the beads and thread still did not want to cooperate. The beaded kept curling up and twisting in strange directions. I pulled out the bead that I had added and looked over my sketch to figure out where I should be adding more beads so that my necklace would not be curly and twisty in the wrong places.

After figuring out how to fix my design I picked up my thread and needle again to bead. Only this time, I could not get the needle threaded. I must have spent 15 minutes trying to bring the thread through the needle’s tiny little hole. Yes they do make big eyed beading needles but I prefer using the smaller eyed needle. It just must be my masochistic tendency, but I was determined not to let needle threading get the best of me.

When I finally got the needle threaded and started to get into a beading groove, the phone rang. And of course it was across the room and not sitting next to me like it usually is when I bead. Normally I would just let the phone ring, but I was expecting a call. So with a frustrated huff, I put my beading back down onto my beading tray and walked a crossed the room to answer the phone. But, as soon as I got the phone in my hand, naturally, it quit ringing.

With phone in hand, I walked a crossed the room again and settled down to bead. I finally got my groove back and was able to get 11 rows of beading done before Angelina was ready for a snack. Angie and I fixed and ate a snack together, and then she decided she wanted to watch a movie in her room so I decided to bead some more.

I picked up my project and to my horror I discovered that I had made a color mistake at the very beginning of all the beadwork that I had just done. With a totally aggravated sigh, I began to rip out all of the 11 rows, which I had just previously beaded, in order to fix my mistake!!! I decided to quit beading for the day since the beads and I were just not in harmony. So I put my project away and quoted to myself in the immortal words of Scarlett O’Hara, “After all tomorrow is another day!”

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