Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Angelina's 11th Birthday Present

My daughter Angelina will be 11 years old on March 20th. When she turned 9 yrs. old I made her a Daisy Chain bracelet. Last year, I made her a Very Pink Heart Pendant necklace. But, this year I had some trouble deciding what I should make for her. Since Angelina was born on the first day of Spring, I wanted her present to have a Spring theme. Inspiration hit as Angelina and I were watching the move, James And The Giant Peach. The ladybug was Angelina’s favorite character in the movie. So, I decided to create a Ladybug Pendant Necklace for her. And a ladybug fits right into the Spring theme.

I went to my computer and opened up my Beadesigner program. Then I sat down and created the Ladybug pattern for the necklace. I have to admit, the Ladybug in the movie was much cuter than the one that I designed for her necklace. However, I never claimed to be an artist. Here is a picture of the pattern that I made.

After creating and printing out the pattern, I realized that I only had 2 of the 7 colors of beads that I needed in my bead stash to make her necklace. A trip to the bead store was in order so that I could obtain the other five colors of beads necessary for me to create this necklace. So, I hopped on the bus and went to the bead store that is about 2 miles away from my house. At the bead store, I chose five tubes of size 8/0 beads, paid for them, and hopped on the bus for the return trip home.

When I got home I immediately began to work on her necklace. Unfortunately, I caught a bad cold. So I was only able to bead in between the breaks of sneezing fits and watery eyes. It took me 3 day to create her necklace because of my cold. But, all things considered I think her necklace turned out rather well and I am excited about giving it to her for her birthday. Below is a picture of the finished necklace.

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Jus Shar Designs said...

The My Blue Heaven Coraling Necklace is stunning!

I would LOVE to win that during the UBP09 party!