Thursday, January 1, 2009

Happy New Year: New Years Resolution For 2009

Happy New Year Everyone! 2008 held a lot of changes for me. Some good and some bad, but every change was a learning experience. And I hope those learning experiences both the positive and negative have helped to shape me into a better person. I am now ready and happily anticipating all the learning experiences that this new year, 2009 will have to offer, especially those learning experiences in regards to beading.

One of the best beading learning experiences of 2008 was learning how to use my new digital camera. My first beading pictures were blurry, fuzzy and pretty out of focus. But over time, and with the help of some very nice beaders who have been giving me beading photography advice, my beading photos have greatly improved. I am still in the process of editing my pictures, but I hope to have nice images of all the new necklaces that I have created on my picturetrail site by next week.

I also experimented and learned a few new beading techniques. I am currently working on learning herringbone stitch. As soon as I have the stitch mastered I plan to make a choker and bracelet set using this stitch. Learning Russian Spiral stitch is also on my "bead learning to do list"

Unfortunately, due to illnesses and just busy circumstances, during the last half of the year 2008 I only posted 2 beading blog entries. So this being the case, I have made it one of my new years resolutions to update my bead blog on a regular basis. My goal is to have at least 2 beading blog entries a month. I do not thing this is an unreasonable goal. After all, there is so many interesting and informative beadwork topics to blog about. I also plan to share some of my original beadweaving patterns free with all of my beady friends out there in blog land.

With my new bead goals and objectives in mind. I eagerly look forward to all the new beading challenges and experiences that this year, 2009, will have to offer. I wish everyone a Happy, healthy and prosperous New Year!!!

I invite you to visit my picturetrails website, "Bead Between The Lines." You just might find someting that you like or something that inspires you. And please, while you are there, take a moment to sign my guestbook.

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HealthyHomeJunkii said...

I also just recently started updating my blog and have missed it! I am glad I am back to blogging. I am trying to leave MORE comments too.

Anonymous said...

I know what you mean about blogging, it is indeed a time commitment! I too have been working on my photography skills in the past year. I've improved but still have a long way to go. Photographing jewelry and beadwork is challenging.
I've been averaging one blog entry about every 3 weeks. I take a lot of photos so uploading them to my blog is very time consuming and tedious.
Good luck with your blog, Brenda! I will check back again soon!