Monday, January 14, 2008

When Life Gets In The Way Of Beading

One thing that annoys me is when I sit down to bead; my life gets in the way. I have been working on this r.a.w. cuff bracelet for a week now and still haven’t gotten it finished.

I sit down to bead; I discover that my autistic 10 year old daughter, Angelina, took the scissors to the bracelet. So, I compliment her on how well she has learned to use the scissors. I now have to start over from scratch. I make a mental note to hide the scissors.

I sit down to bead; the phone rings. Normally, I would let the answering machine get it, however; my significant other has just quit working from our home and has now established himself in a storefront. He is an all service computer technician. In order for him not to lose the customer base he has established, I am playing receptionist and redirecting all of his calls to the store.

I sit down to bead; my significant other rushes in through the door asking me to make him some lunch to go. I get up, and make a couple of turkey and cheese sandwiches. He thanks me for making his lunch and rushes out the door.

I sit down to bead; Angelina comes into the room carrying a dvd. She is upset because the dvd won’t play. I take a look at the dvd. It needs to be cleaned. I get a soft cloth and some rubbing alcohol and clean the dvd for her. I put the dvd into the machine. The dvd is playing. She smiles and says, “Thank you mother.”

I sit down to bead; the cat is meowing. She has managed to tip over both her food and water dishes. I wipe the water off the linoleum. I sweep the cat food up off the floor and empty the dustpan into the trash can. I pour new cat food into one bowl and fill the other bowl with water. Then I place them on the floor so the cat can eat.

I sit down to bead; the dryer buzzes. I get up, take the clean dry clothes out of the dryer and put them into the laundry basket. I then empty the wet clothes out of the washing machine and place them into the dryer and turn dryer on. I fill the washing machine with a load of dirty clothes, add the soap and turn the machine on. I bring the basket of clean clothes into the living room sort, fold and put them away, making sure that Angelina’s school uniform is laid out for school the next day.

I sit down to bead; I look at the clock and realize that is time to start dinner. I prepare the pork chops with some Johnny’s seasoning salt, pepper, minced garlic, Worcestershire sauce and put them in the oven at 325 degrees. I peel and cut potatoes. The potatoes are put into a pot of water and placed on the stove. The stove is turned on.

I sit down to bead as dinner is cooking. My significant other walks into the door. He comments on how nice dinner smells. He then looks at me and says, “You have been beading all afternoon. When are you going to get that bracelet finished?”

I place bracelet and tray with beads and needles on my desk. I pick up scissors, look at the scissors, and then look at him. I smile and walk towards him. I put scissors into the cabinet that he is standing next to, and then give him a ‘hello kiss’. I remind myself that tomorrow is another

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Anonymous said...

This sounds just like my life, trying to run my business. The one thing that stood out the most was that your husband thanked you for making his lunch. That's really nice. Many spouses don't thank each other. I'm lucky enough to have one that does, too.

Princess said...

hmmm well I don't think life gets in the way I think theres life and theres work and they have to coexist otherwise I would start to resent people or resent work and who needs that.

SimplyBillie said...

That sounds like a typical day in my house! If I want to get anything done, I have to do it early in the morning or late in the evening. Your right, tomorrow is another day! ((HUGS))

bterrier said...

: ) I've had my days of not getting what I've planned too!

Dancingsouls said...

Sometimes days end up like that. No matter what, something is going to distract you from what you're doing and then you have to put what you're doing on hold. I've had days like those before. You're so patient. That's a wonderful quality. Hope you're able to get that barcelet done! Hugs! By-the-way, you've been tagged! It's a fun way to increase links to your blog. Check how to play here-->

Anonymous said...

Boy do I understand your day! Hopefully you were able to finish that bracelet. It isn't fun to have to put your work aside. Just know you are not alone in your frustration. I love your writing!

Crista said...

I have to commend you on your outstanding patience! I don't know if I could do all that with such great patience, I think I would scream! I hate not finishing projects, I have a bit of OCD! But you seem like a really sweet person! :)