Monday, January 4, 2010

Calendar UpDate

Yes, I know it has been a while since my last post. To be honest, I have been in kind of depressed and have just not wanted to do any beading lately. And, I had to force myself to finish the necklaces and bracelet that I was making my sister for Christmas.

The main reason for my depression was “The Beadwork Calendar” that has a picture of the bracelet that I made in it. Yes, I know, I was very excited about my bracelet being chosen for the calendar; after all, this is the first professional publication of my work, so my getting depressed doesn’t make much sense. So, I will explain.

When the calendars came out, I rushed to the store to get my copy. I opened the calendar and all of the pictures taken of the submitted beadwork were so beautiful and so professional looking, all except on, that is, MINE!

The photo of my bracelet was awful. I don’t understand how they could have put such a horrible, unprofessional looking picture of my bracelet into the calendar. First of all, my bracelet was made using purple ab. beads and brown beads. The colors of the photographed bracelet looked as though “Photoshop” had been used to change the bead colors to red shades. Secondly, the picture of the bracelet was blurry and not a clear image. Thirdly the “white” background used for the photo did nothing to enhance the picture of my bracelet but actually helped to detract from the look of the bracelet.

So my first professional publication experience turned out to be a big disappointment. I take solace in the fact, however, that the picture of my bracelet appears for the month of January. By the time the calendar pages are turned to March, the purchasers of the calendar will have forgotten all about the horrible photo of my bracelet.

I have been working thru my beading depression and have resolved not to let outside forces take away from my enjoyment of beading. 2010 is a brand new beading year with brand new beading goals. With this in mind, I have recently started on a new project that I am thinking seriously about submitting to a beading magazine for publication. I also am hoping to learn how to do “French Beadwork” this year.

I wish everyone a safe, joyous, healthy, prosperous, heartfelt, “Happy New Year!!!”

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